The 11th Spring Jam Of 2011: Mr. Ghetto’s “Walmart”

This video is NSFW. So don’t watch it at work. WATCH IT AT THE BARBECUE! Headphones UP. Eyephones UP.

Let’s be honest, this song/video probably would have qualified as a Spring Jam after the first minute. Repetitive amateur vocals about discount chain superstore over thumping Hustle and Flow living room beat, all to a backdrop of booty dancers in a parking lot is classic spring jam material. But it was the song’s/video’s surprising turn at the 2 minute mark which saw the women putting underwear on OVER their shorts and booty dancing in the aisles while Mr. Ghetto (right) “rapped” about their personal hygiene that really took the whole thing to the next level and made this a spring we would never forget! Spring 201111111! (Thanks for the tip, DuskyPanther.)