This Weekend, Let’s Dance Like We Are Tiny Brazilian Kids With Sick Dance Moves.

We’re beginning our final descent into the weekend, dudes and dudettes! How sick is that? Answer: very sick! Let’s celebrate our triumphs this week and forget our failures with a little bit of fancy dancey business, shall we? But first, a serious moment.

Today has been so fun for me, Monsters. As an Olde Tyme gummalo, who doesn’t comment tons anymore, I sometimes feel like I’ve been pushed to the periphery of Videogum culture. The inside jokes change so fast, new faces become established commenters, who then fade into graceful retirement on Twitter. But being allowed to holla at my boos has made me so happy, and fully reaffirmed what we all already know: Videogum is a nice place, full of funny people.

Thank you all for your support and your comments. Shout outs to the Olde Tymers who hobbled on back to show Granny Kira some love, and mega-huge shout outs to Werttrew, who is seriously the nicest, best guy in the entire world, and Chris Trash, who is the first runner up for in the Nicest, Best Guy Pageant.

Thank you to Scott and Amrit for fixing my mistakes; to Gabe (Coach Taylor), for being a weirdo and choosing me of all people to do this today (I think I am Matt Saracen in this scenario); and, finally, to my brother and sister Temporary Acting Heads of Videogum Content Creation this week, with whom I feel a special connection now – Huckabeast, Superglue, Godsauce, and Notsewfast – for setting the bar so high. You guys are my Dillon Panthers.

But let’s not cry. Let’s share a last joyful experience and watch this little dude straight up work it out. Let’s hold him in our thoughts as a role model this weekend. This weekend, let’s dance like we are tiny and Brazilian and it’s the most normal thing in the world to be so tiny and such a very good dancer. It’s life and the weekend. Jump into life and the weekend. GO FOR IT, GUMMALOS!

Thanks to the excellent batteredgnome for the tip.