Meet Today’s Guest Blogger: Godsauce

Why, hello there, my good people!

Some of you know me as Godsauce, and others know me as Fokes. Many of you probably don’t know me at all, but we can forge a fresh relationship on the promise of a new day! Today is that day!

In the spirit of new beginnings, let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born in Atlanta, GA in 1978 and haven’t strayed* too far geographically in the intervening years. I have a bachelor’s degree in film production that I have never put to good use. On Monday, I finished taking final exams for a post-baccalaureate program at a women’s college, despite having both the X and the Y chromosome (Not trying to use Gabe jokes, but… LADIES!?). My next goal is to get into medical school. From there I hope to become a pediatrician**.

Although my exam/guest blogging schedule has caused delays this week***, I usually make daily alterations of the single-panel comic, The Family Circus****, in an attempt to make it amusing. This effort has produced mixed, sometimes offensive*****, results, but there are people out there who seem to enjoy it. I also occasionally write for MOBFD (Mystery Butt 4 Lyfe!) and try not to embarrass myself on twitter.

Recently, I was featured in a fake trailer for a supernatural thriller about demonically possessed pets. As the video below will demonstrate, I care deeply about consequences.

The short, stocky, overweight, balding priest with the soulful eyes is me, in case you didn’t figure that out.

I began commenting on this site long ago, in the days when the Gum was lush with posts by Lindsay (UR STILL MY PRINCESS!). There were Double-Dogs and Friday Fights, and old man Gabe would travel down from the hills of blog into the valley of comments and argue with the monsters (usually me) directly. This was before the Monster’s Ball splintered the community and turned me into a self-loathing upvote whore.

As the community has grown, the comments section has become a rich source of entertainment and love, but there have also been fights and hurt feelings. It is my hope that my time as a guest blogger will unite broken families, heal festering wounds, and turn the comments section into a veritable orgy of hilarity, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Comic-Con.

But I’m giving myself the Editor’s Choice******. I’m working toward a double EGOT here.

A round of EGOTS for my friends! Ooops, another Gabe joke!

*That is to say, I’ve not lived outside of Georgia. It’s not like I don’t ever travel.
**Seriously, this is a ground-floor opportunity, ladies.
***To anyone who cares, I promise to catch up on this week’s alterations very soon.
****If you choose to check this out, keep in mind that some of them make reference to previous ones and might not make immediate sense. Also, sometimes the real joke is in the subcaption of the blog post.
*****At least one of them includes a sentence so racist, it makes me cringe whenever I read it. The subcaption is important for that one.
******I am not giving myself the Editor’s Choice.