This Kid Just Understands Airplane Safety

Are you a new parent looking for a way to relate real and serious airplane safety rules to your small child? Do you think that maybe having a fellow small child explain airplane safety would help your kid understand what is important – nay, imperative – to note prior to your airplane taking off? Well have I got an expert for you!

At first this just starts off like what you would expect a kid to think airline safety rules would be. “Don’t scream at all” is just a really solid rule a parent should give a kid before flying. But then he gets really specific, like maybe he has gone to flight school? Do they have flight pre-schools? Sure, “Don’t let the airplane crash in any sonic airplanes” might seem like obvious safety advice, but have you ever had a flight attendant mime that to you in the cabin while you taxi to the runway? I haven’t, but I mainly just fly Southwest, so think what you will about shortcuts. And, well, from there he just goes into some common sense advice that could be applicable to all sorts of transportation or general life situations. If I had my way, he would be teaching an all-purpose seminar with Riley the Paleontologist, during which they would cover pretty much every topic that you could ever expect to be tested on in real-life situations.

Thanks for the tip, Werttrew.