Yes! A New StoryCorps Video! No More Questions!

How are these StoryCorps videos not a TV show? This should be a TV show! At this point, reality TV programming is such a calcified thing with its own rules and structures (and copious amounts of free alcohol) that nudge the dramatic arcs forward while stripping the shows of any genuine humanity. I guess this is more like The Ricky Gervais Show than any reality TV, but that’s really only because of the animation (which is stylistically similar, although these videos are definitely prettier), but The Ricky Gervais Show is great and there is absolutely room for a dramatic, heartfelt variation. Man, I am telling you, you just put me in that big seat in the Showbiz Head Office in the sky and everything’s going to change around here. WE’RE TAKING STORYCORPS PRIMETIME.