Late Night TV Osama Bin Laden Is Dead Bits Round-Up

OK. We are almost done here. Right? Right. In the days and weeks and months and years to come there will be plenty more Osama Bin Laden details and news stories and anecdotes and parodies, but for us today let us close the book on this dude. We’ve all been so wrapped up in this story that we’ve almost lost sight of what is genuinely important: the casting of unknown child actors in the movie-adaptation of The Hunger Games! Welcome, District 6 tributes! Anyway, today let’s try and have a normal day, right? We deserve it. We earned it. Because WE killed Osama Bin Laden. Together. Like a family. Of Navy SEAL Team 6 operatives. But before we move on, let us just review how all of last night’s late night TV shows dealt with the exciting news:

Jimmy Fallon impersonated Trump responding to the news:

Jimmy Kimmel did a Weekend at Bernie’s parody:

Stephen Colbert finally got to throw his “We Got Osama” party:The Daily Show did what The Daily Show does:Letterman dedicated his Top 10 List to Osama Bin Laden’s “final words”:

And in non-Bin Laden news, Will Ferrell shaved Conan’s beard:

And Jay Leno told all of these jokes verbatim. That’s it. That’s all the jokes. No more jokes. BACK TO WORK!