Osama Bin Laden Dead OR: Animated GIFs Of Animals Falling Asleep

I’m not entirely sure how the death of Osama Bin Laden, killed in a firefight in Pakistan, announced last night by President Barack Obama in a surprise press conference, has much to do with a pop culture website about celebrity vanity lifestyle websites and Skynet fan fiction, but this is also pretty huge news and fundamentally unavoidable, so we might as well talk about it. It’s kind of like that part in White Squall that I may or may not have just made up when Jeff Bridges turns to Scott Wolf and says “the storm is too big, we have to sail RIGHT INTO IT!” Of course, the unexpected but welcome death* of Osama Bin Laden is our business insofar as 9/11 MADE IT our business. You know what I mean? He kind of stuck his greasy fingers in all the pies with that one. Then again, there are probably other things that are more fun to talk about than the death terrorist figurehead whose role was mostly likely entirely symbolic at this point and whose death will inevitably leave behind a power vacuum that may very well incite an escalation of violence against American interests both here and abroad. For example: animated GIFs of pets falling asleep. It’s up to you, I am just putting all the options on the table. America #1!

*Obviously, it is inherently tasteless to celebrate the death of a human being. Also tasteless: masterminding 9/11. So let’s just call this one a wash.