Thursday Night TV Open Thread

So. Last night’s hour-long 100th episode of 30 Rock was weirdly offset by Community’s high-theory mockery of flashback clip shows. It is one thing to poke arch-fun at sitcom structures from a distance, but it is weird when you do it and then follow up the arch-fun with a straight forward example of that same sitcom structure. (I feel like there have actually been a couple of weird examples of off-set timing between various shows this season, but I can’t think of any examples at the moment. Cool. Interesting observation, Gabe!) Anyway, Community’s breakdown of the flashback episode was very good, no duh, with Jeff’s composite speech probably being my favorite part. Although, and again, I do not mean to keep harping on this, but that show is so heavily cloaked in self-aware, pre-emptive criticism that it makes it hard for me to actually CONNECT with it as a human being. Sometimes I kind of want to watch a sitcom, instead of going to Sitcom School. But it’s great. There are certainly plenty of straight-up sitcom sitcoms to enjoy, especially on Thursdays, and thus the whole point of this recurring post. 30 Rock kind of didn’t need that whole hour, if you ask me, it felt dragged out, but the return of Dennis Duffy is ALWAYS WELCOME and should probably happen more in the event that anyone in Showbiz Tower is reading this. Push the Dennis Duffy Button please. Meanwhile, The Office’s emotional rollercoaster continues its loop-de-lololoops. The song everyone sang for Michael was very nice. The show is doing a really good job of sending off Steve Carrell. Good job, show. Now, here is a question about Parks and Recreation: it has never made sense to me that Anne Perkins, a registered nurse, would spend so much time at City Hall. It’s just too much time, even if she is friends with everyone. How often do you go to your friend’s boring office? Is it MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY? But last night it was even more confusing because now she is broken up with Rob Lowe, right? Who goes to their ex-boyfriend’s work every single day? That is so awkward! Whatever. The part when Andy tells everyone that he just learned that food is energy and then punched the air and said “Pow! That’s spaghetti!” was the best moment of the night. But I think that emotions aside, this week goes to…..Community! What an honor.

Well? RIght?