Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer, You Guys

First of all, I have not seen a less convincing “scientist” than James fucking Franco since the movie Chain Reaction where they let us know that Keanu Reeves was a genius by putting him in a Harvard sweatshirt. “They don’t just sell these at the gift shop, you know.” But, the James Franco problem is beautifully offset by the Freida Pinto solution. I hope this is one of those fake movies that is all just a ruse to get me into the theater and after five minutes of roughly shot footage starring Craigslist actors, Freida Pinto turns to the camera and says “Marry me, Gabe,” and the whole theater erupts into applause and I’m like “I can’t believe you went to all this trouble,” and she’s like “It’s not trouble if you truly love someone so much.” That’s probably what this is. “From Weta Digital, the effects company that brought you the Avatar Wedding Proposal.” On a sidenote (now that we’ve talked about what’s important): I do like the idea of living in a world in which the threat of super-intelligent apes taking over is even remotely scary. Haha. Nope! Unless the apes are made out of dirty bombs. OH MY GOD, THE APES AREN’T MADE OUT OF DIRTY BOMBS ARE THEY?!