This Is Your Sport: Kronum

Hahah. What? I’m sorry, I spaced out right after he said “Kronum is a new game.” Totally my bad. Did any of this make sense to you guys? GET IN THE FLEX ZONE! No whammies. Quidditch. I love that this is just some fucking sport. You know what I mean? Like, the cast of The League were at that bar they go to, standing around that table they always stand around, talking about how all the “regular” sports were for “grandpas” and how our generation needed something NEW. One of them pulled out a napkin and a pen, and now you’ve got a whole new sport, probably. “Are there enough goals on the stupid looking field?” “Definitely, man.” If anything, I’m worried that the game is SO easy to understand that it’s going to catch on TOO quickly, you know? Kronum (haha, also: KRONUM!) will be over before it even began. Put some sports on it! Sports. (Thanks for the tip, Casey.)