Videogum Everywhere Mission: Eileen F For New York Yankees Bat Girl

So, I got this email last night:

Hi, this is Tang, I’m more of a lurker than a monster, but I am definitely a dedicated videogumer. I hope this isn’t too forward/too random but I am desperate, and so these are my desperate measures. My mom is dying of breast cancer that’s metastasized into skin cancer. You don’t need a sob story, and I feel really awkward telling you one, but literally the only thing I can do for my mom is try to get her to win this Honorary Breast Cancer Bat Girl for the New York Yankees (why anyone wants to be a Breast Cancer Bat Girl… whatever, it’s what she wants). So to win, you have to get people to vote for you on The link is and she is Eileen F. (if you click the alphabetical drop down, and click e…. you get it). So, what I’m asking of you, is to consider tweeting the link, asking people to vote for her. Just think about it, and I will really appreciate it. This means a lot to her, and so has become essential in my mind. Anyway thanks either way.


As you know, the mission statement of Videogum Everywhere is to bring joy to people’s lives by leaving them alone. We are like that sign at the entrance to national parks that says “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints,” except without the pictures or the footprints. One could argue that by making this a Videogum Everywhere mission, we are getting in the way of other people who are competing for this honor, all of whom are probably more than deserving. But how about just this once we break this rule. How about just this once we bring joy to people’s lives by bringing joy to their lives. Agents! Let’s goooo! Let’s voooooooote!