They Are Making A 3D “Fred” Movie, FINALLY

If there is one thing Hollywood is constantly striving to do, it is GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. (The other thing they are constantly striving to do is put out the highest quality product they possibly can, that offers both artistic and intellectual satisfaction.) Today is no different. Hollywood moves bravely forward! From the HollywoodReporter:

Lucas Cruikshank, the teen actor who turned his alter-ego character Fred Figglehorn into a YouTube hit and a TV movie for Nickelodeon, will star in a 3D movie for Lionsgate.

John Fortenberry (“Blue Mountain State”) is directing “Night of the Living Fred.” David A. Goodman (“Family Guy”) wrote the script. Production is now under way in Los Angeles.

Perfect. You know, it sounded like I was kidding up top when I said that Hollywood was always working hard to give people what they want, but that’s actually true. That is the problem. THIS IS KIND OF WHAT PEOPLE WANT. Oh, people. You should want better stuff! I’m worried about you, people! (Also, if you don’t know what “Fred” is, congratulations. And my apologies.)