Saturday Night Live: Elton John And Elton John And Tom Hanks

When it was first announced that Elton John would be both the host and the musical guest of this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, I wondered why. But now that the episode has aired, I, well, I still wonder why. I mean, that was kind of weird, right? Elton John is a living legend, sort of, but that doesn’t really explain it. Does he have something to promote? I don’t think so. Is he well-known for his sidework as a sketch comedian when he’s not recording treacly ballads for dead princesses and Disney musicals? Again: I don’t think so. It’s just odd! Odd like his monologue! What was THAT all about? Like, I do think it’s funny to point out that it’s much weirder for a child to be raised by a celebrity than by a gay couple, but that point was kind of lost in the endless “jokes” about royalties? Huh. All of this being said, it did seem like Elton John was having fun with the situation, which I suppose is as much as we can ask (God forbid we also ask it to be funny). Also, Saturday Night Live pulled one of their classic bait-and-switches where they invite someone to host that it doesn’t from outward appearances seem will be able to carry the show on their own, and then they stuff the show full of cameos (see also: Betty White’s episode) most notably this week: Tom Haze and Jake Gsourcecodenhaal, but don’t forget Will Forte who appeared in that ESPN sketch, despite the fact that the audience didn’t even blink. HEY, AUDIENCE, WAKE UP, IT IS WILL FORTE AND HE IS THE BEST! Shame on you, audience.

To the clips!

The episode started out promising enough with the classic Lawrence Welk Show sketch. LOL @ tiny handz, ALWAYS.

The thing that the episode did particularly well, it turns out, were British jokes. Like, they were so good that it’s kind of a shame they don’t just do more of them all the time, even when there is not a knight of the realm hosting. There was, of course, the recurring bit about the Queen and Prince Philip being low-class thugs when Prince William is out of the room:

But I think the funniest sketch of the whole night was the meeting of the knights of the realm to discuss the slaying of a dragon:

Mostly I just like ANY Michael Caine impression, and also any joke about yelling at Ringo Starr. Thumbs down to the Sir Mix-a-Lot joke, though. Thumbs down, I say!

Annnnnnnd that’s about it? There was a Laser Cats Digital Short, which you can watch here. It was OK! Weekend Update had good jokes. But the second half of the episode’s sketches just seemed to fall apart. Like, that Silver Screens sketch was the first time this whole season where I actually said out loud to my television, “I cannot do this,” and fast forwarded through the sketch. Oof. The gay cowboy sketch was a fun enough idea but it seemed like everyone was just exhausted or something and the timing was all over the place. Did you guys have a fight backstage?! I hope everyone is OK! XOXO!

Next week: Dame Helen Mirren!