Republican Congressman Defends Drunk Driving, Fails To Rest Case

In the video posted after the jump, Representative Alan Hale from Montana’s 77th district, gives a brief speech on the state house floor to argue in favor of repealing ALL of Montana’s D.U.I. laws. His argument is that bars (which he calls “small business” because of course) bring people together and that drunk driving is a Montana tradition. Haha, right. I mean, obviously, no, drunk driving is terrible and it should be illegal EVEN in a state whose population is 12 (give or take 8). And also enough with the small business fetishization please Republican Party and also Democratic Party. Small businesses are important to our economy, I am sure, I mean, I don’t know, I have no idea how our economy works or what it even is, but that sounds right, but sometimes when these politicians talk about small businesses I do not know if they want to fiscally support them or if they want to FUCK THEM. Am I right, you guys? The thing is though, and this goes out to ALL state representatives, not just congressman
Alan Hale: if you are going to make an argument like this, you NEED TO REST YOUR CASE!!!! How many times am I going to have to explain to legislators how to do their jobs? Probably a million times it seems like!

They should change the motto of Montana from Big Sky Country to Rest Your Case Country! A pony would never forget to rest his case. HAPPY PONY DAYYYY! (Thanks for the tip, jwormyk.)