Ina Garten Begrudgingly Does Respectable Thing

I guess the Barefoot Contessa got in trouble with the blogs over the weekend when the mother of a sick child whose dying wish was to learn how to cook with Ina Garten published emails on-line about how Ina Garten had turned down the child’s request for the second (!!) time. Yoops! Yikes! There’s no such thing as bad publicity, but I guess now there is. (In Ina’s defense, some production assistant explained that Ina is very busy and is constantly bombarded with requests from charities, and that she does as much as she can, but she cannot fulfill every request, which fair enough, but also how about fulfilling this request, especially the SECOND time it is made? Obviously, our thoughts and prayers go out to Ina Garten in the difficult time when it turned out the child didn’t DIE EARLY ENOUGH to NOT make a second request to meet her? Also: if you are that busy, you are too busy, work it out, millionaire. Take a staycation.) ANYWAY, in response to the angry outcry, Ina Garten has magically found time in her busy charity schedule to spend, what, like, an hour tops with a very sick child? Well played, Ms. Garten. American Hero. (I’m still not really sure why anyone’s dying wish would be to meet Ina Garten, but I guess we are talking about a child. He is probably also very excited about the Smurfs movie! [Just kidding, even children do not want that thing.]) The question now is who does Ina Garten want to meet before SHE dies? (Her heart is 99% butterfat.)

“Bam!” — Emerol Langasso