The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Chet Haze Ironing

Mogul get emotional. Shirt get wrinkled. IT’S YA BOY!!!! Haha, is it just me or does Chet Haze look very The Pacific in this photo? I mean, The Pacific if that was a mini-series about ironing graphic tees in a hotel room with your DJ instead of a gripping drama about the brutal realities of World War II’s pacific theater? They’re just boys when the government sends them off to war watch someone iron their t-shirt for them! (This is a good reference because Tom Hanks executive produced The Pacific and also gave birth to Chet Haze. That’s right, GAVE BIRTH. Now where is my Good Reference Award?) He probably only asked her to iron his shirt for him because he’s 4H. Chet Haze reporting for booty, MA’AM! OK. Your turn.

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. #Swag. (Thanks for the tip, Chris.)