The Japanese Tsunami OR: Pets Taking Naps

As by now you most certainly have heard, Japan just suffered the largest earthquake 100 years (8.2 or 8.4 or 8.9 depending on where you get your statistics) which generated a massive, 13-foot-high tsunami that swept inland. This is one of those situations where, like, obviously Videogum is not really equipped to deal with such an actual and incredible crisis, and it doesn’t need to be. Our role is altogether outside the realm of ACTUAL HUMAN SUFFERING, or at least I hope it is. Nevertheless, this is such a huge, tragic, impactful thing that it is kind of hard to just post a CGi video of baby pagans holding hands in a circle in a CGi woods as if NOTHING EVEN HAPPENED. Also, have you seen the actual footage of the tsunami wave? Holy moly. I’ve posted a video after the jump and, well, man. Like, sure, the wave is huge, yes, and it is carrying along boats and an impossible flotilla of debris, but also, if you look closely, shit is just on fire? It is an impossible wave carrying entire mountains of FIRE! So, like I said, uh, this is not our strong suit. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami is NOT your boyfriend. But it is definitely something that is happening in the world that seems to demand some kind of recognition, preferably the silent, respectful kind.

That being said, what a bummer, huh? Perhaps the best way for us to show our support for the people in Japan during this genuinely difficult time is not with empty words or ineffectually empathetic statements, but rather with photos of pets taking naps? Like I’ve already said, I obviously don’t know what to do in these situations, and so I leave it up to you. DO YOUR BEST. It is all anyone has ever asked.

Eek! Puppies! (Video via BuzzFeed.)