Daniel Craig Wears A Dress For Womyn’s Rights

Wait, isn’t M James Bond’s boss? So they’re not equals. GOTCHA! I knew this video was just a trick. LOL! (Obviously, I support the basic message of this Public Service Announcement and am being tongue-in-cheek about the James Bond-M-relationship stuff, although I do think that the video’s voice-over raises so many important and “interesting” [for lack of a better term] points about gender equality* in the world today, that the sight gag of putting Dame Daniel Craig in a wig and a dress as if THAT is what being a woman is all about kind of undercuts everything that Dame Judi Dench has to say? But what do I know, I am just a stupid MAN.) (Thanks for the tip, Stuart.)

*In England, of course, they call it “lorry equality.”