iPad 2 Open Thread

We take a momentary break from Charlie Sheen news (did you see how he threatened to chop his son’s head off and send it to his mother in the mail? LOL?) to bring you the second biggest story of the day: Apple’s release of the iPad 2. It looks pretty neat! I wasn’t really that impressed with the iPad 1, which seemed like a giant iPhone, and I guess this still seems like a giant iPhone, but at least it’s a thinner, lighter, faster, neater smaller iPhone? I don’t know. (Oh, as with all of our iPad Open Threads, if the BOSS is reading this, it is relevant to this website because uh did you know you can play movies on your new iPad with its improved graphics capabilities and also can I have an iPad strictly for work-related purposes?) The best part about the new iPad though is that it inspired a small party game on Twitter: #predictingJayLenojokes. I think this one was my favorite.

Promotional video describing the iPad 2’s features and open thread after the jump.