Teen Korner: Oxford English Dictionary Recognizes “SEXTing”

Wussup pogs, I’m pinging you!

Listen up dudes who feel that Justin Bieber is a realistic role model for masculinity, and girls who want to be President one day so they can hang a framed Justin Bieber poster in the Oval Office, today I want to rap at you about the Oxford English Dictionary. “Aw man, we don’t want to hear that jazz, bro, we’re too busy playing Nintendo Game Cube and eating Bugles.” Hey, I love Nintendo Game Cube and Bugles, totally, I get it! Slip me some skin! Check out this supercool candy necklace I’m wearing for the latest fashion. I’m kinda still a kid at heart, you guys can trust me. I just want you to know what is up with the Oxford English Dictionary because it’s pretty radical. They’ve just added a whole butt ton (excuse my French!) of new wordz to their online (world wide web, y’all!) reference guide including words like “clickjacking” (sweet) and “scareware” (wicked sweet). They’ve also added a word that I think a lot of you kids probably already know the definition of because it’s your favorite way to communicate with each other. CH-CH-CH-CHECK IT OUT!

sexting: the sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone

So fresh! Aren’t words super dope? Learning is #swag! Please, though, if you are going to communicate, please communicate with protection. (Via Time. Thanks for the tip, Duncan.)