Latest Charlie Sheen News Or Latest Wisconsin News Or Latest Libya News OR Pets On The Beach!

Last night, Charlie Sheen joined Twitter AND his interview on 20/20 aired. Did you watch that interview? Classic. Winning. Duh. Dude used the word SKULLDUGGERY in a sentence! He also said, at one point, “Get me Dr. Clown Shoes,” which is pretty much my favorite. And we really got to meet “the goddesses” finally, although let’s be real, at best Charlie Sheen has one goddess. One mildly-cute-for-a-pornstar-I-guess GODDESS (lol) and one unattractive woman in a perpetually dirty hoodie with open sores on her face? But I feel like something else Charlie Sheen-related happened last night. Oh right, HIS CHILDREN WERE FINALLY TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM. Eek. Admittedly, that was the one thing no one really wanted to talk about was the fact that SMALL CHILDREN were living with him this whole time, and sure, they were under the care of nannies or whatever, but who were those nannies hired by, you know what I mean? And while on the one hand, I think that it’s very smart that his children were taken out of his custody until he gets the help that he so desperately and obviously needs at which point it can be determined whether or not he is fit to raise them, the whole thing is starting, FINALLY, to get a bit dark. Meanwhile, it was really only this morning that one of us, and again, I hate when we get into this whole finger-pointing business of who did what when because there really is no way to tell, it could have been anyone, but one of us realized just how much this Charlie Sheen nonsense has overshadowed some very real “news” happening in the world, like, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has presented a new budget in an attempt to quell the anger over his proposed cuts to employee benefits, this time digging into school funding and municipal aid, setting off a whole new wave of frustration. Meanwhile, protests continue to rage in Libya, and while Gaddafi’s stranglehold on power in the country may be slipping, he still has the military behind his back to enforce violent retaliation against his own people. The UN Is urging evacuations. Oh man. It is all getting to be a bit much! There is so much to talk about, each story a little more heartbreaking than the last!

Or, just post pictures of pets on the beach. Up to you.