The Perfect Crime: Man Shot To Death For Eating Popcorn Too Loud During Black Swan

Obviously, I do not support violence against other people, and the reality of these stories is that they are stark reminders that the world is a terrifying place that is spinning dangerously out of control, but if you pretend that this is make believe it’s hilarious! From NME:

A man has been shot dead, apparently for eating popcorn too loudly during a screening of Black Swan. The Latvian News Agency has reported that on Saturday (February 19) a dispute broke out during a showing of the film at the capital city Riga’s Forum Cinemas complex.

The victim, 42 year-old Aigars Egle, is believed to have argued with a fellow audience member over how loud he was eating his popcorn. Egle is said to have been shot by 27 year-old Nikolajs Zikovs, a lawyer and graduate of the country’s police academy, during the end credits.

This latest ‘cinema rage’ incident follows a woman being covered in bleach after she told a teenager to be quiet during a screening of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince in a Leeds cinema in 2009.

Eeeeek! The worst part is that the movie isn’t even that good. If I’m going to get shot to death in a movie theater for eating popcorn too loud, it’s going to be for something I love. Like Fantastic Mr. Fox. In that case, I would bite down on the gun (or bottle of bleach?) and give them “I dare you” eyes. (Thanks for the tip, Scott.)