Meet Today’s Guest Blogger: werttrew

(My introduction requires the proper musical accompaniment. Please press play, wait nine seconds, and then continue reading.)

Hi ninjas. I’m werttrew. What should you know about me? Well, this is what I will and won’t bust:

1. Caps? No.
2. The moves? Oh my yes.
3. Rhymes? At times.
4. Myths? No: I CREATE legends.
5. Some heads? YES.
6. Your windows out your car? Oh yeah, I did it, you should know it. I ain’t sorry, you deserved it.
7. Your chops? Only if they’re pork.
8. A gut? Yours, most def.

It is February 18, 2011, and today, you’re in my house. Welcome. Here, have a Sprite. Kick back and enjoy. Prepare for the “Final Countdown”…to Fun!