So Don Cheadle Thinks He Can Dance!?

You don’t get to be an Academy and BET award nominated actor without paying your dues.

Obviously, this video would have been kind of amazing even without the young and admirably limber One Who Would Go On To Usurp Terrence Howard. But that doesn’t explain why Don Cheadle has been keeping this from us! I’m just glad I could be the one to blow the lid off this story. Patrick Dempsey finds a way to shoehorn juggling into the plot (Hahaha! Plot!) of every movie he does.

I wish everything had a surprise unicorn ending. And by unicorn I mean unicycle, naturally. It was a good typo, so I kept it. Just felt right.

And Reign Over Me could have definitely used a good musical number.

In the words of Videogum’s own Constantinople: “I feel uncomfortable watching Don Cheadle have fun after Hotel Rwanda.” But do we not have this early accomplishment to thank for his later success? Don Cheadle should name-drop Angela Winbush in every speech he gives. He gives a lot of speeches.