Cat Fart Open Thread

I am a man of my word. Here’s a pretty legit cute video of a kitten farting. I know Gabe doesn’t like to post videos of cats farting so much, but I know What Women Want. Cat farts, yes?

It’s been a fun, stressful, terrifying, unfun day! We had a lot of laughs, I shared some unnecessary personal information, for some reason I brought up Beverly Hills Chihuahua a lot (I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL), it was nice. I’m glad I got to guest blog for you guys! Y’all are SUM SORTA VIDYA GUM! Tomorrow it’ll be Soft Gabe’s turn, but in the meantime, Cat Fart Open Thread! Which means show us your cat gifs! Which means show us your gifs because cats are a metaphor for everything. GIF PARTY!

Play me off.