T.M.I., Jeffrey Dahmer…

Whooops, so, someone let me be in control of a blog for a minute, and now everyone has to go to jail! Go to jail and watch THIS–the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen: Stone Phillips interviewing Jeffrey Dahmer in prison, in 1994 before he was murdered. Oof, I know. But, it’s unreal. A lot of what went down in the Jeffrey Dahmer case was lost on me when I was younger–I’m not sure if the details were kept private by the media, or by my parents, but all I knew about him was that he was a serial killer who was kind of a cannibal. But, I came across this interview on MSNBC recently, and what I learned blew my mind.

[I want to say that I DO NOT find this interview “funny,” and I don’t intend to make light of a truly HORRIFIC criminal and his disgusting crimes.  It’s just I found this interview SO fascinating, so FUCKING WEIRD AND INCREDIBLE… I just…]

His gay-ness, the fact that he had a “type” even, his methods, his fantasy life… Ugh, holy moly. He is so weirdly honest in this interview, because WHYTHEFUCKNOT–he’s in jail, on his way to the grave (whether he knew it or not). And his dad is soooo <3-breakingly naive and bland, the story just becomes a WTF sandwich with disturbingness as the mayo.

This will make a lot of people very uncomfortable, and it’s way too much video to expect anyone to watch in one blog post (Gabe D. is spinning in his vacation right now), so maybe just throw a bookmark on it in your AltaVista bookmark database, and cum back to it l8r? Now, without further ado, the feature presentation: