Nerds Talking Into Headsets While Playing Video Games Should Be A TV Station

Headphones UP:

How are videos like this not just their own TV station yet? I’m not joking. I’ve never played a game of World of Warcraft in my life, and for that matter, I’ve never played any videogame that involved multiple-players on-line talking into headphones. I’m more of a Katamari Damacy man, myself. Just a lone prince, Dottie, a rebel prince, wadding everything up into my life. But I would DEFINITELY watch a TV station that was just this all the time. It’s hilarious! Always! “And now, back to Leroy Jenkins.” Ugh, the worst part is that someone probably will eventually make this into a TV network and it will be hugely successful and I won’t see A DIME. That’s the way of the world. The same thing happened when I invented Lunchables. “Why don’t we invent Lunchables and call them Lunchables.” How I rue ever saying that in that room full of lunch executives that definitely existed. Anyway: make it happen, Ari Gold, and send me a check for one million dollars. The best part about our new station? NO OLIVIA MUNN! (Via TheDailyWhatGeek.)