Posted By Popular Demand: Pro Wrestling Dance Off Video

Sometimes the people raise their voice in unison and the sound becomes unavoidable, and eventually the government is forced to write a blog post about a professional wrestling match that turns into some kind of hilarious dance off in the ring. Isn’t that what V for Vendetta is about? Beware beware the fifth tip you get about the same video? Right? I think that’s how it goes. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE A YOUTUBE POSTED AFTER A JUMP! Anyway, here’s a video. The children love it. Dads love it too. (Girls maybe not as much, hard to tell with them. Girls, did you see the Bridesmaids trailer?) It’s a wrestling match that, as mentioned, turns into a dance off. It’s funny! Consider it posted. End tips.

Apparently we should all be watching a lot more wrestling because this is great. You were right! Thank you for sending it in too much! (Thanks for the tip, Todd, Brian, Tyler, Matt and Mark and another Mark.)