We Are All Doing It Wrong

What are you doing today? Are you going to work at your job? Are you going to class at your school? Maybe you are running errands or visiting a loved one in the hospital or donating your time to an important charity. Perhaps you are going to the movies, or to a museum, or on a cruise, or to the library. Or you could be reading a book, or writing a book, or exercising, or playing professional sports, or learning how to drive a car. Whatever you are doing, you’re wasting your time. We all are. We’re out here busying ourselves about this day and none of it matters, because none of us are demonstrating superior pop and lock skills and uploading those videos to the Internet. Except this guy. 7 billion people on Earth and only one of us knows what to do about it.

Good job, this guy. Bad job, everybody else. (Via HaveYouSeenThis?)