The Sunset Limited Trailer, You Guys

HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. Oh man. This is probably going to be great? Tommy Lee Jones is a very compelling actor who only gets more compelling with age, which means he’s really compelling at this point (because of the being a million years old, especially in his face). Samuel L. Jackson is probably the single worst actor in America right now but whatever. We’ve survived this long. Also: Cormac McCarthy is a great writer and small-bore attempts at adapting plays into movies are always at the very least kind of interesting even if they’re stilted and weird and don’t really go anywhere (just like how plays are stilted and weird and don’t really go anywhere). But even if this ends up being the Greatest Movie Ever Made, this trailer is still hilarious. Like, if you made a joke about Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson starring in a one-room play I would have said “that is a hilarious joke.” I’m pretty sure they’re going to run this at the beginning of Tropic Thunder 2: Tropicer Thunderer. “I believe in the Sunset Limited.” HAHAHHAHAHHA. CURTAINS!