Babycall Trailer, You Guys

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Oh man. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA. The call is coming from INSIDE THE BABY! Really wish I had been at the pitch meeting for this. “It’s like Joel Schumacher’s Phone Booth meets The Exoricist meets Knocked Up.” (Translated from the original Swedish.) Oh, speaking of translated from the original Swedish, I took the liberty of plugging the trailer’s dialog into Alto Visto’s Gabelfish, and here’s what they’re actually saying*:

Lady: Hey, I think this baby monitor is haunted?
Best Buy: Oh no! That is scary AND hilarious!

And then later:

Lady: I lost the receipt.
Best Buy: Sorry, there is nothing I can do. Our corporate policy requires that you provide a receipt for all returns and exchanges of spooky haunted baby monitors. Next customer please.

Hello, Swedish Fandango? Två adults, varsågod. (Via Movieline.)

*May or may not be what they are saying.