The 12 Best Animal Videos Of 2010

This, as you know, is the time of year when we REFLECT. It’s a chance to break from the headlong rush into the future and remember what happened in the not-so-distant past. I don’t want to get TOO HEAVY, but a lot of things that happened in 2010 were NOT cute: The election. The BP oil spill. Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars. But a lot happened in 2010 that WAS cute: Salsa Dog, Birdiepup, Alpaca on a surfboard. So, let’s take a moment and remember the Year in Cute, you guys. Oh, and here is the best part: this is the gift that keeps on giving LOL. After looking through our gallery, go to (it’s a pretty cool new site, you’re going to love it) and post YOUR favorite animal photos or videos from the Internet in 2010 (or from your personal collection) on the Videogum Facebook Wall. We’ll run a round-up of all of God’s special creatures next Monday, and one lucky winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card. WHUUUUUUUUT? You heard me. Pet time! LET’S GOOOO!