That’s Your Videogame: Sonderkommando Revolt

“I love playing video games! They’re just a really fun distraction from the day-to-day stress of my normal life. In a lot of ways I like them even more than movies or TV because you are kind of, like, interacting with the narrative, you know? We probably aren’t there yet, but I definitely think one day they’re going to have a videogame that just redefines storytelling as we know it. Roger Ebert claims that videogames can’t be art, and I think that’s just so short-sighted. One game, though, that I’m really looking forward to less as a counter-argument to what Roger Ebert said or as the paradigm shift of videogame storytelling and just because it’s going to be SO FUN is a game about the Holocaust set in a concentration camp. Yeah, I can’t wait to play that. I’m a total asshole.”


I wish I was dead so that I could roll in my grave. (Thanks for the tip, Max. Via Kotaku.)