Real Steel Trailer, You Guys

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. Oh boy. What on Earth? On the one hand, I give them credit for removing any pretense of this movie being anything other than robot fight porn. You want to see robots punch each other in their robot faces with giant robot fists and that is what you are going to get. On the other hand, I’m not sure I can think of a movie with lower stakes*. “Oh no, what if the robot breakzzzzzzzzzz!” Nope. Like, unless Hugh Jackman’s sick grandma needs 25,000 Disney Dollars or else she’ll lose the hologmortgage on her hover house and the Big Fight just happens to have a grand prize of 25,000 Disney Dollars but where is Hugh Jackman even going to find a robot in time and it has been years since he…controlled a robot with a remote control…so he’s got to get into remote control shape but who is going to train him in time, other than that I do not even know what the dramatic tension could possibly be. UNLESS it is just to see whether or not Hugh Jackman’s frequent pants urination will short out his prize-winning battle bot in the middle of the important round. That’s probably it.

*BESIDES Entourage: The Movie.