Operation Watch This: Problem Solverz

Do you guys know about PaperRad? If you don’t know about PaperRad, you should definitely know about PaperRad. They’re a loose-knit art collective that works in garishly bright colors and amateur-ish looking cartoons. They’re also super-influential. I’m not an art scientist, but I would say they are largely responsible for the pop cultural aesthetic of the past 10 years. “What does that even mean? That sounds made up!” I SAID I’M NOT AN ART SCIENTIST, GET OFF MY BACK. The overall point is that these guys are for real, like a real thing that is great but also important. And now they’ve made a web series about an adventure team that has adventures and is a team called The Problem Solverz. It’s kind of like something you’d see on Adult Swim, actually, if you were to HANG ADULT SWIM IN A MUSEUM. (Also: Adult Swim is EXACTLY the type of cultural aesthetic that I am talking about when I say that PaperRad defined the cultural aesthetic.) Anyway, It’s great! Watch it:

Art! Appreciate it! (Via Neatorama.)