Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I’m going to be honest, you guys. I wasn’t really into the Thursday night TV last night. Shhhhhhh. It all felt a little lackluster, or maybe it has something to do with the knowledge that next week’s episodes are the Christmas Specials, which is when they pull out all the stops, or also just that general tone of this time of year where there’s so much “extra” stuff going on that if you can’t eat something or use it as an excuse to get out of work, then who cares, you know? That being said, I laughed out loud many times at 30 Rock, I plan on sending lots of friends an Andy Bernard-themed “Megan Fox?” texts, and Taco making obituaries for all of his friends on The League, all of whom die in 2014, is obviously the best. Plus: so many special pals on Community! Tig Notaro! Paul F. Tompkins! Not to mention Alison Brie’s pretty great “Annie/Caroline” plotline. It’s not like last night’s shows were bad. COME ON I’M NOT SAYING THAT. They just felt soft. But again: shhhhhh. It’s the season of giving, not complaining. It’s the season of SHUSHING.

Shush it up.