The TWSS Archives: Matt Lauer’s “Package” Moment

Date: November 30, 2010
Time: 7:45 AM
Location: New York, New York
Source: NBC (Via Vulture)
Description: Popular American television host Matt Lauer interviews regular commentator Jean Chatzky about money-saving techniques during troubled economic times. At first TWSS goes unnoticed, and is in fact repeated and re-emphasized. Eventually host Lauer notices TWSS and finds it difficult to continue broadcast. Guest Jean Chatzky threatens violence. Co-host Meredith Vieira provides on-camera support in attempt to subdue laughter over TWSS, but finds it contagious. Ultimately, TWSS stands as a reminder that TWSS can be fun in addition to embarrassing. FILE UNDER: Fun TWSS, Morning TWSS, Lauer TWSS, Food TWSS.