Yikes Alert: Eddie Munster Overdoses On Drugs, Back In Rehab

I never would have expected that Videogum would become a PREMIERE resource for Eddie Munster news, and yet here we are. It’s like that part in Lord of the Rings when Gandalf tells Frodo that the only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time we are given, except that instead of do it’s “say about” and instead of time it’s Eddie Munster news. (So: “the only thing we have to decide is what to say about the Eddie Munster news we are given, Frodo.”) Of course, the reason we first started writing about Eddie Munster was because his story at the time was, while hilarious and very weird, kind of benign and even pleasant. Now it’s just a fucking shit show. Aren’t they all. From RadarOnline:

The former child star who played Eddie Munster on the 1960’s TV sitcom The Munsters checked himself out of a New Jersey rehab facility, but nearly overdosed days later, has exclusively learned.

Butch Patrick, 57, has now entered a rehab in Orange County, California, after prompting from friends who desperately want him to beat his 40-year addiction to cocaine and alcohol.

“He not only continued with drugs and alcohol after checking himself out of rehab, but started to black out and make rash decisions while under the influence causing him to nearly overdose last Thursday evening,” Butch’s agent Jodi Ritzen told

OOOOOOOF. This comes shortly after the dissolution of his relationship with a woman who sent him a daisy chain in the mail 600 years ago. Yikes. Poor Butch Patrick! A 40 year addiction to cocaine? That is so many years to be addicted to cocaine. One also has to wonder–and no offense to Butch Patrick or his loved ones in this difficult time–where he got the money for cocaine? I guess they do charge a lot in the autograph hall at Comic-Con these days, but they didn’t used to. Anyway. Do you want to know the saddest part? It is not, incidentally, that production was temporarily halted on his reality show, LIFE’S A BUTCH (ugh, duh). No, this is the saddest part:

“Butch is uninsured, but they were able to check him into an Orange County facility after they offered him free treatment,” Ritzen told

BUTCH IS UNINSURED?! Good grief. Can someone please get Butch Patrick some health insurance? It is literally costing America more in frowny faces caused by learning that Butch Patrick doesn’t have health insurance than it would cost to just insure him. Although, while we’re waiting for the paperwork to clear, we can all agree that THIS IS ALSO VERY SAD:

Ritzen noted that with the amount of alcohol and drugs that Patrick was consuming, especially having only one kidney, he is lucky to be alive.

One kidney? Good GOD. Part of me wishes we had never re-opened the Butch Patrick cold case, but now I am a man obsessed. Shit. I was supposed to retire tomorrow!!!! (Thanks for the tip, Darryl.)