Red Riding Hood Trailer, You Guys

From the director of Twilight? Way to really stretch yourself, director of Twilight. It’s almost crazy that the same person made both movies. (It is not crazy.) Good grief. “Can we put a goddamn werewolf in it?” You know that is the question being asked in every office in Hollywood right now, right? “I’m loving the treatment for Bridget Jones Diary 3: The Edger of Reasoner, but can we put a goddamn werewolf in it?” Etc. Also, according to the Apple page for this trailer, one of the taglines (because as we know, you can never have too many taglines) is “Who’s afraid?” which is a pretty cool truncation (4 kidz) of “who’s afraid of the big bad wolf” which is from THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. This shit is all over the map. (Although if they do end up making a horror-survival teen-sex dramedy of The Three Little Pigs I want my vig.) Do you guys know what my favorite part of this trailer is? It’s when the one guy says “you better watch yourself.” Hahahaha. Classic thing you hear in an ancient village in the middle of the woods. “You better watch yourself.” Hahahha. “Aye, dude.”