Thursday Night TV Open Thread: The Bottle Thread

Last night’s 30 Rock was probably the funniest show of the night, but let’s all raise our glasses (you drink coffee out of a glass, right?) to Community for what was certainly the most interesting. I watched the episode with someone who hasn’t seen very much of the show, and they turned to me and asked if it was always like that. NOPE! I mean, good God, no. Can you imagine? Each week, a claustrophobic closed-set meta-play? Yikes. But as a self-described one-off, it was pretty great. Very funny, very clever, very trying something. Hats! Also, did anyone else notice how OLD the jokes on 30 Rock were? Don’t get me wrong, they were OLD-GREAT, but, like, Baby Jessica references and a running attack on Halliburton? HALLIBURTON! Love those guys. Never forget. And I do love a good pizza bagels joke. (Sidenote: the anti-political jokes on last night’s episode reminded me of this Peter Meehan article about food sourcing that is pretty good. Read that.) Meanwhile, if there is even anything left to say about The Office at this point, and I am not sure that there is, you can say that the show has a lot of heart. What a journey we have been on with these lovable goofballs! Like Old Huck Fin floating down the Old Miss on his makeshift raft, but, you know, with more jokes about beets. (Or the same number of jokes about beets? Not actually sure!)