Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son Trailer, You Guys

“We need everybody to be alert and focused today for the oncoming rush of customers.” — This morning’s All Staff Memo at the Fandango main office.

My favorite part of this trailer is when Martin Lawrence’s son is in art class (the one place the murderers will never think to look!) and is asked to pose nude (and says OK?) and it turns out that he’s not just wearing a fat suit underneath a thrift store dress as you might have assumed. No, he has actually gone to the trouble to cover his fat suit with a photorealistic layer of humanoid latex, which he has then painstakingly touched up with makeup in order to disguise any visible seams or inaccuracies in his false body. You know, just in case he is asked by a mobster and/or art teacher to disrobe. Since it is safe to assume that he’s not wearing the fat suit to sleep at night, one can infer that every morning he sits in a makeup chair for six hours getting ready before heading to campus because hiding and murder and cafeteria and dormitories. Slip fall poop fat. This movie gets four butts way fart. (Thanks for the tip, Louis.)