Best New Party Game 36: Mistaken Synopses

Let’s be honest: Twitter games are the laziest games. Oh, they’re fun! (Sort of?) They’re so easy to play, and you can play them at work and when your boss walks by you’re like “nothing, SPREADSHEETS!” But they are so simplistic and repetitive. Moreover, no matter how clever your entry in the game may be, someone else has always inevitably made the same joke, which is very frustrating to Pro Gamerz like us. Obviously, having said all of that, I’m really looking forward to whatever Twitter game we play together next week! But it IS nice to be challenged, and today’s game is definitely a little more challenging. Intended for mature audiences! Anyway, the inspiration comes from this DVR description for the classic children’s film, The Dark Crystal, which provides the following synopsis: “Examining the effect of crystal meth on two communities, and how residents are taking action to save their youth.” Haha. Close! And so:

    Space Jam: When a meteoroid crashes to Earth containing a mysterious jar of delicious tasting jam, everyone wants to try it, not realizing the jam contains a dangerous neuro-toxin!
    Deep Impact: A young woman’s erotic journey from Milan to Minsk has a profound effect on her. The movie’s title is also a double entendre!
    Kramer Vs. Kramer: FBI forensic detective Vince Kramer must stop a serial murderer who goes by the letter “K” in this game of cat and mouse.
    All Dogs Go To Heaven: A mysterious virus kills all the dogs. Dustin Hoffman stars.
    Mystic Pizza: The Miami police call upon the services of a pizza that can communicate with the after-life to solve cold cases.

It’s funny how I talked about how stupid Twitter games were and somehow pretended like that meant this game that is so stupid was somehow not stupid. Good luck! (Image via EpicPonyz.)