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Is it just me, or is everyone a little on edge these days, like more than usual? Between the Juan Williams thing, and the increasingly nonsensical campaign of Christine O’Donnell, not to mention people using C-Span to air their romantic grievances, Gwyneth Paltrow singing country music live, and the whole postponement of the End of the World thing, it just feels like the world is pretty wound up. Will it explode? I wish. But if it’s not going to explode (and as we have already discussed, I guess it’s not going to now, which is LAME) it seriously needs to chilllllllll. You know that movie The Core where they drill a hole into the center of the Earth and detonate a nuclear bomb to “reboot the planet” (LOLOL)? We need to do that, except instead of a nuclear bomb, we should detonate a Chill Pill. BOOM! YOU’RE SO RELAXED, EVERYBODY! Now have a great weekend.

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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 explainer guy | Oct 20th Score:100

Luke Perry stars in Awkward Family Photos. This Fall on ABC.

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#3 butterpranks | Oct 20th Score:108

Well, at first I was gonna leave this post be, since I know nothing about Luke Perry. But then I saw some interesting geometric patterns, a la Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind…

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#2 cakeordeath | Oct 20th Score:121

Not pictured: Gabe waiting in line.

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#1 thisismynightmare | Oct 20th Score:188

Yeah, you right! I just didn’t refresh, shucks! Great minds, Teach, great minds…

This should make the snafu better…

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[Ed. note: Whoa. A clean sweep of the Best Comments category by the Luke Perry at Dragon Con thread. Congratulations, Luke Perry at Dragon Con thread. You earned it!]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1 explainer guy | Oct 21st Score:-37
gunna have to defend my boyfriend on this one. he was just being honest about his feelings. you have to admit, you get nervous too. and if you think he is a dick for saying so, that’s just the pot calling the kettle bl….the pot calling the kettle, um…the same color as the pot is, is how what color it would call the kettle.
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[Ed. note: Last night, regular Videogum commenter and upstanding community member, Godsauce, Twittered that he was leaving Videogum because he was tired of having to defend people in the comments from getting piled upon. Uh oh. Obviously, I don’t think any of us want that to be the direction this thing takes, and Godsauce does have a point, there is a certain degree of piling upon that has been taking place lately (always?) in response to contrary opinions, which at least in theory, we are supposed to pride ourselves on accepting and encouraging. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, because just because someone posts a contrary opinion doesn’t mean that other people aren’t allowed or shouldn’t respond to and debate and even vehemently argue with those contrary opinions. Hopefully all of that remains gentlemanly and respectful, though, which is a bar I’m sure we miss a little too often. So that’s the general issue. Let’s play nice, you guys. To this particular comment from Explainer Guy, I would offer the following response: I agree with you kind of. There is nothing bad about someone being willing to go on television and be very honest about their feelings when they know those feelings might make them look bad. That’s great! Honesty is important, no duh, and we do live in a complicated and terrifying world full of DANGER. The problem with what Juan Williams said was not so much that he has bad thoughts, which we all do, and many of us would not have the courage to admit them, but that he couched those bad thoughts as not being bad at all, and in fact being demonstrative of a way in which we should all live. If he had said, for example, “I’m kind of bigoted towards Muslims because I’m scared of dying,” I would have no problem with that. Fair enough! Death IS scary! Even good people can be kind of racist and most of them are a little! But he made a big deal out of how he’s not a bigot before saying something very bigoted. So that’s a lie. One or the other, please, Juan Williams. Lots of (most?) people harbor small, mostly benign bigotries, and it’s fine and probably even useful to acknowledge them, but then you can’t hide them under some self-righteous cloak of tolerance. Moreover, this was in a segment in which Bill O’Reilly was seeking validation for a grand and sweepingly offensive worldview in which all Muslims must be feared for their potential as violent terrorists, and Juan Williams happily provided him with such a defense. Gross. And unacceptable. So that’s where I kind of disagree with your point, because Juan Williams wasn’t just saying what anyone might think from time to time in a moment of weakness. He was lying about it and using it to justify the perpetuation of a culture of fear and hatred. So boo.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

Anchor Management | Oct 18th Score:70

He pulls a DVD off the shelf, “Nothing But Trouble” by Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase. “Good stuff. That’s what I make” he says, putting it back. “That’s what I make. Also, puppets” – Jeff Dunham

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[Ed. note: The only thing I like more than a good inside joke is a good inside joke that relies on three other inside jokes to even make sense. (For best joke comprehension results please read this and this.) And a very HONORABLE MENTION to the thread begun by Frank Lloyd Wrong on the Longest Cat post in which everyone impersonated various comedians’ reactions. Brava.]