Bristol Palin Dancing On National TV In A Gorilla Suit, OBVIOUSLY

So, there has to be someone out there sitting up in bed at night sipping Constant Comment tea while propped against a husband pillow from Target watching Dancing with the Stars on a $45 flat-screen TV they literally trampled someone to death to buy at last Christmas’s Sam’s Club Black Friday Sale who thinks to themselves, “The world makes sense, and the things that people do in this world are appropriate and understandable. There is absolutely no mystery as to how we got where we are, or why we spend our time and money engaging in the things that we engage in. Everything is correct.” Right? There’s someone like that? There’s someone for whom this is just like, “Yup. What? Was Bristol Palin supposed to NOT dance on national TV in a gorilla suit? Now who is the one who is being weird about this?” There has to be someone like that for whom this makes sense and that’s why this exists because otherwise what the FUCK?! (Via Dlisted.)