This Wedding Video Is Incredible

In general, wedding videos, and just wedding memorabilia in general, is kind of the worst. And I say that as someone who loves a good wedding (no homo). I’ve got no problem with the institution or with the open bars at the celebrations for the institution. Let’s all get married and have a party! But then let’s shut up about it afterwards. Like, at this one office I used to work at, everyone had framed photos from their wedding on their desks. What was up with THAT? It’s annoying enough to have a photo on your desk of your significant other because RELAX, some of us are just trying to come over and drop off some files, not validate your attempts to aggressively publicize your entry into an adult world ostensibly free (but clearly not that free) from the deep-seated insecurities about your social value created in Junior High and largely unshakable to this day even with a framed photo of someone who has chosen to KISS you on your desk. But a photo from the actual wedding? Don’t make me laugh barf. (In retaliation, I put a frame on my desk that I bought at the goodwill, which still had torn, dirty plastic wrapping on it, and the photo that came with the frame of a young blonde woman from the mid-80s wearing some kind of denim-ish parachute blouse and told everyone it was my girlfriend, Skylar, and I’m sure this tiny act of insolence let them all know how much funnier and cooler I was than they were and I bet at night they went home and told their spouses how impressed they were with my sarcastic prop-based digs at the one thing in life that made them feel safe*. High five, me.)

All of that being said, if this couple would like to frame their wedding video and put it on their desk at work, they should. Because it’s awesome.

Right? Speaking of wedding videos, does anyone have Freida Pinto’s fax? I just need to fax her a question about something real quick. Thanks. (Via BuzzFeed.)

*I like to think the first step towards not being the worst is at least recognizing that you’re kind of the worst.