Thursday Night TV Open Thread: I Want To Rub Purell On My Brain

Do you remember how Community was such a promising show last season? Well guess what. PROMISE DELIVERED. Community is so good now! It was good before, but it is Spider-Man 3 Pie now. Last week’s premiere? Great. Last night’s episode? Great. Is it the best show on Thursday nights now? No. 30 Rock is the best show on Thursday nights now (still). Sorry. Is it the second best show on Thursday nights now? PROBABLY! (Let me know if these declarations are getting TOO definitive.) Also, The Office should really start a spin-off show called Michael and Toby in a Shitty Room where for a half-hour every week, Michael and Toby just sit in a shitty room and yell at each other (at the end of each episode, they almost get along for a few minutes, and there is a moral). Also: other shows! Is it just me, or does anyone else have a brief ping of existential panic every Thursday night now when they look at their DVR list. Too many shows to watch! Each more delightful than the last! These guys definitely know what I’m talking about.