Lindsay Lohan’s New Mugshot OR: Animals In Cups!

Lindsay Lohan failed some kind of test (as if Lindsay Lohan does anything else with tests) and is going back to jail. Right. DOES THE POPE GO TO JAIL IN THE WOODS? This is her new mugshot. Yup. She definitely looks like someone whose life is riddled with problems to the point of lacking any kind of self-understanding such that in her MUGSHOT for JAIL she looks like she’s about to walk into a casting call for a porno. The only question now is WHAT’S IN THE LIPS?! Just kidding. It’s liquid plastic! Anyway, we can discuss this completely unsurprising bump in a road made entirely of bumps for a once promising actress whose inability to function in the world may not even be her fault considering the overwhelming pressures of fame taken on at such an early age combined with a horrifying lack of reliable family stability combined with the allure of drugs and knife play and yet America loves a fall from grace and so here we are, eating this shit up and pretending it doesn’t taste like shit.

OR: we can post photos of animals in cups.

I would tell you which I prefer, but I want you to make this decision on your own.