The First Autumn Jam Of 2010: Lil P-Nut’s “You Might Be The One”

A lot of attention is paid in this world to the summer jam, and for good reason. The summer jam is the one that you play at the barbecue. It’s the one blaring from the transistor radio on the beach blanket. It’s the one that you can hear coming from cars because those cars have their windows rolled down (see: summer). The summer jam is the soundtrack to “FUN.” But guess what? There are three other seasons in a year. And those seasons need jams, too. I don’t know about you, but personally, in the dead of winter, I’m not sitting around in silence. I’M LISTENING TO WINTER JAMS. (Admittedly, most spring jams are simply summer jams that are a little overripe.) There is a jam for every season, and you better believe that there are jams for this season (see: autumn). And so.

This week officially marks the beginning of autumn, and this song, “You Might Be the One” from Lil P-Nut, marks the beginning of AUTUMN JAMS!

I, too, love a girl who obeys her parents. Can’t wait to bump this jam at the HARVEST! (Thanks for the tip, Chuck.)