The Nightmare

You know those nightmares that you have sometimes that wake you up in the middle of the night, but remain vague and diffuse and hard to recall? Your forehead is beaded with cold sweat and your t-shirt sticks to you and your heart is racing and the house feels like it’s literally breathing. You sit up in bed, or go to the bathroom to urinate or get a drink of water, and going back to sleep is out of the question, at least in the immediate term. But it’s not so obvious as visions of a monster with triple-rows of razor teeth demanding that you drive him to the airport because his plane is leaving in five minutes but you can’t find your license and your feet are hands. If you actually try to draw up what was so terrifying, nothing comes. It’s just an overwhelming sense of panic and dread. A pervasive and unshakable belief that something in the world is very very wrong. You know those nightmares?

Well someone turned those nightmares into a video:

MOMMY! (See also: The Daymare.) (Via TheAwl. Thanks for the tip, Funtastik.)