The Fighter Trailer, You Guys

This looks great! Admittedly, if you turn the trailer into a drinking game where you have to drink every time someone says “he’s my brother” or “he taught me everything I know,” you would already be trashed, and I bet if you turned the full movie into a drinking game with the same rules, well, you should definitely buy your tickets at the Mount Sinai IMAX, just in case. But still! Mark Wahlberg! Christian Bale! David O’Russell! Human Seabiscuit! And it’s weird to see Amy Adams with a human face instead of a Photoshop Holoface, but I think I like it. Hi, Amy “So Raw” Adams!

My only problem with this trailer, and it’s not so much a problem as just a thing, is that the movie itself looks like a very serious drama with real Oscar potential (the most important potential) filled with very talented actors and directed by a very talented director, and yet I’ve watched it twice now and the only thing I can think the whole time is this:

Let’s make “Who’s Gonna Train Me?” jokes while standing in line at the Fandango Outlet! Everyone else in line will be like “I wish those were my friends.”